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Hair Straightening Tips and Tools

August 24, 2017

Women from all walks of life are always fighting their hair. Those who have straight hair always want it to be curly. Those honored with curls want their own to be right. With the many developments in the appeal area that are emerging daily, there is absolutely something to satisfy the demands of every person. And for those males and females who do wish for incredibly sleek and shiny hair, after that they are absolutely lucky to locate the line of Sedu flat irons and the Sedu hair straighteners.

Sedu level irons are a few of one of the most extremely regarded devices in the hair straightening out line by numerous leaders in the charm as well as cosmetic sector. The Sedu Company has actually been a pioneer for blazing a trail in hair treatment items and professional things for years and also their experience shows. Their level irons and hair straighteners are a few of one of the most sought after in the industry. Those that have actually located Sedu swear that they will never use other business’s hair executes again!

The Sedu level irons, which are specially coated with either ceramic or tourmaline, are popular for creating absolutely no damage to any type of hair type, No matter if your hair is rugged or great, long or short, thick or slim, you will certainly benefit from utilizing a Sedu flat iron. They are made from the absolute best quality products and will change your rowdy mop right into your crowning glory in an issue of mins.

Several various other level irons as well as hair straighteners have the tendency to plain as well as dry your hair, but not those in the Sedu line. Sedu level decision transform kinky hair right into a smooth mane in a breeze! These flat irons have temperature settings which are quickly established and moderated to ensure that anybody can find the best heat setting to best benefit each individual’s hair type. Even those who have tried various other Sedu brand items in the past will find the enhancement of a Sedu hair straightener to their daily hair regimen of fantastic value. They will be impressed at the outcomes and also will certainly ask yourself why they did not come across these wonderful products any kind of faster compared to they did!

Another wonderful point that you will find with the Sedu hair straighteners that you will not discover with many other companies is that Sedu provides their flat irons in a variety of dimensions. Many individuals with longer hair have never ever experienced the unique issues of using tools that are as well huge to try to smooth shorter hairdos. Sedu has an answer for this concern. The flat irons been available in numerous various sizes and also dimensions to ensure that you, also, could effectively align your hair despite the size. The exact same opts for longhaired girls too! The bigger irons are vibrant for covering a lot of hair in a brief quantity of time, while the smaller ones function well for shorter hair or for areas where you need a little bit much more accuracy and also precision.

Some could stop at the price that goes along with such a top quality product as the Sedu hair straightener. Nevertheless, once you have the possibility to make use of the product as well as experience for yourself simply what a good task it can do, you make certain to find any way possible to maintain the Sedu level iron on your washroom vanity. They do run a little above some of the various other flat irons that you will discover in discount stores and also other chains, however you will never ever obtain the customer contentment from these various other level irons the manner in which you will with the Sedu. In this case, you are really spending for the quality of the item, not simply the name on the box. Sedu amounts to high quality and also contentment, as well as you will certainly hear this from the countless customers and specialists that swear by the Sedu level iron every day.

Currently it’s time to find out exactly what all the buzz has to do with. If your rowdy hair is driving you insane as well as you are trying to find a hair straightener, which will certainly smooth and also create shine without bring upon destructive warm as well as breakage, then you need look no more than the Sedu flat irons and also hair aligning executes. The Sedu brand name is understood and trusted by professionals in the beauty industry and also consumers around the globe, and also once you try it, your name will certainly be included in the checklist of those that question exactly what they ever before did prior to finding this perfect hair styling device.

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How to Take Care of Your Eyebrows

August 24, 2017

Tweezing eyebrows prevails for looking excellent, warm as well as hot for all the women. Mostly all the lady thinks that their eyes talk the language they want. For that reason making once eyes remarkable is all-natural as well as brow plucking adds additional seasoning to this. This is as a result of expanding passions of ladies in brow plucking that shop are growing day to day in cities as well as big cities as well as making millions of bucks. This task you can do your own, if you will save a little time for this.

Below is, how???

Tips for brow tweezing/ plucking

1. Do not tweeze too much. Typically most ladies dedicate this blunder. If you will certainly tweeze too much your eyebrows will certainly expand in months very long time or so, which you are not anticipating from your brows. To locate your eyebrow take a long eye shadow brush or pencil and also hold it parallel to the side of your nose. The factor where brush or pencil meets your eyebrows is the point where your brow starts.

2. Currently extend the brush diagonally from your nostril followed by the outer side of your eye. The point at which the inside edge of brush hits is the factor where your brow finishes.

3. If your brows are making the small arc after that you have the best eyebrow. Hold the brush or pencil alongside the iris (iris specifies the shades of the eyes; black/ brownish/ green, etc). The factor at which the brush or pencil meets is the highest part of your eyebrows.

4. Do tidy skin. Brush your brows up and out.

5. Use an excellent pair of tweezers to tweeze your eyebrows. Usage amplifying mirror and also do the job in best brilliant light.

6. Do not tweeze to lots of hairs at a time. Tweeze hairs in the instructions they grow. Hold the skin taut as you pluck, this will certainly make the job very easy.

7. If you want both top as well as bases to be smooth as much as you can, you could tweeze the leading As Well As the bottom.

8. Do not over pluck your brows. Tweezing with appropriate care and also in constraints is as important as tweezing or plucking.

9. When plucking is done, apply some top quality gel to remove soreness etc. Applying gel will certainly make your eyes tranquil and surface irritability because of tweezing or plucking.


1. Constantly clean your tweezers with alcohol and check that if your tweezers is making a firm hold or not. Do not use plain tweezers.

2. If you have spares or erratic brow, fill up these with brownish darkness.

3. For filling of brownish shadow, usage pencil and press the brownish shadow against the brow. Now carefully rub brows with a brush or finger rounds to do softening.

4. Usage eyebrow gels to keep your eyebrows in place all day long.

5. The ideal time for the eyebrow shaping is the week after your duration starts.

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Comparing the OPQ With the Saville Consulting Wave Personality Assessments

July 24, 2017

It’s difficult to change from a psychometric test that you have perhaps been using for many years to a new personality assessment that you may have heard relatively little about. We know because we underwent the same process.

When in doubt, sometimes busy humans think it’s best to leave things as they are! However, upon spending just a few minutes invesigating what really gives in the range of Saville Wave assessments, we decided that it was a “no brainer” as they say in Australia! It makes sense really…please read on!

The original author of the OPQ is Professor Peter Saville. Professor Saville was in fact the ‘S’ of SHL (‘H’ standing for Holdsworth and ‘L’ for Limited). He is responsible for the new Saville Wave, developed by him and his team at Saville Consulting. He has remarked in relation to the older OPQ that it was a great test in its day.

Nowadays however, we need newer, more modern and innovative tests that are relevant to a new and constantly evolving workplace. Looking at both the design of the Saville Wave and the content of the questions, it’s immediately noticeable that the questionnaire better reflects today’s workplace. The OPQ was written some 25 years ago. There was some updating of the questions in 1988, but mainly the items reflect the world as it was those years ago.

The Saville Wave has captured the modern world by asking questions related to networking, engaging others, comfort level with information technology, written communication, receiving feedback, encouraging others, developing strategy, identifying business opportunities, speed of learning, taking responsibility for big decisions, building rapport, sticking to decisions and more.

Remember, a lot of these concepts did not really exist 20+ years ago;networking for example was a whole different ball-game in the pre-internet world. Not to mention the fact that most of us did not have to deal with IT unless we were in an IT job, whereas nowadays, vast portions of the workforce must use computers. However, that’s not all.

Whilst the OPQ was validated following its production, the Saville Wave was designed within a research and validation centric model. This meant that all questions were validated internationally prior to publishing. These results were then published in the British Psychological Society’s Selection and Development Review.

Furthermore, the Saville Wave includes completely new scales which were not available within the OPQ all those years ago. For example, the Wave can directly assess strategic thinking, learning styles, self-assurance, motivating others, conflict resolution and integrity.

In terms of measuring different facets of behaviour, the OPQ measures to dimension (scale) level only and does not report on individual facets of behaviour. E.g., ‘persuaive’ is made up of ‘selling’, ‘negotiating’ and ‘convincing’ facets, but these are not independently validated or scored. Saville Wave on the other hand provides very rich interpretation at facet level.

For full Wave there are 109 separately scored facets. Facets provide insights into unique areas of individual difference and therefore facilitate better person job fit and development diagnostics.

A further innovation within the Saville Consulting Wave is that it has been designed to assess both talent and motive. This is useful as it may highlight for example that whilst a candidate is not very good at problem solving, they will give it and go and even do their best to improve. Or, whilst a candidate is very good at creating novel solutions, they prefer to go with the tried and tested.

Saville Wave distinguishes both effectiveness and motivation for 36 behavioural styles. This provides rich diagnostic information for selection, placement and development and is key to predicting sustained performance.

The model underlying any personality assessment is a crucial factor in both the validity and utility of the tool. Wave is built from a single model of behaviour with a common language for measuring and matching, behavioural style, motivation, competencies, culture, organisational environment and 360 degree performance. It is fully integrated from inception. OPQ is not multi-dimensional and relies on different measures and different models to arrive at total solutions.

When assessing a potential job-holder’s personality or when testing a current incumbent as part of a development process, we are looking for a true picture of that individual. There are many tests available on the market and many of them really do not hit the mark. For example, assessments which aim to paint a picture of your candidate on the basis of 4 simple scales!

Whilst the OPQ has always been a respected test, it offers a choice of ratings (normative) or rankings (ipsative) with a strong practitioner preference for ipsative as it controls for social desirability responding. Both ratings and rankings have unique advantages and disadvantages. In the case of rankings (ipsative), the resulting profile artificially exaggerates good and bad features. It is not possible to be good at everything or bad at everything. Hence we do not get a true picture of the candidate.

With the breakthrough combination of both ratings and rankings in a dual dynamic format, Wave provides the truest picture of an individual’s self-reported style to date. This provides increased validity over normative and ipsative scores on their own. This contributes significantly to improved validity and a truer picture of the individual.

Furthermore, whilst the OPQ is able to report on social-desirable responding, it cannot home in on it. By reporting statistically significant differences between ipsative and normative scores, Saville Wave homes in on exactly where distortion is likely to have occurred.

A hot question on the minds of test choosers is “how long does the test take to complete”! For the OPQ, it takes about 1 hour to complete the ipsative version alone. It provides no information on motivation or culture fit, nor individual facets of behaviour. Compare this to Saville Wave which takes about 35 minutes to complete and includes both effectiveness and motivation scores for 36 dimensions, and scores for 109 individual facets of behaviour.

It provides ipsative, normative and combined profiles in the one questionnaire. In addition, Wave reports cultural/environment enhancers and inhibitors. If even that is too long for your busy people, Saville Wave Focus, the shorter version of Wave is even shorter, taking around 15 minutes to complete and yet still offering exceptional reliability and validity.

Finally, the reason for using a personality assessment in the first place is to predict job performance. Saville Consulting has referred to this as “horsepower”. The technical term is Criterion Validity and this has a direct impact on return on investment. The more validity the better the people decisions. OPQ has good validity.

The published average composite scale validity is around 0.38. This is the average correlation of each scale with actual job competencies. However, for Saville Wave, the published average composite validity is higher at 0.46 (about 20% more predictive).

In addition, Wave predicts overall job proficiency at 0.38, and promotability at 0.59. 75% of Wave’s validities are 0.4 or better and 25% are between 0.55 and 0.70. Directing correlates 0.7 with ‘Leading People’. Add this information to study results released in the UK in summer 2008 which demonstrated that Saville Consulting Wave outperformed all competitor tests on the market in predicting job performance (including OPQ, 16PF, 15FQ+, Hogan Personality Inventory, MBTI, DISC and others). This in our view is the single biggest motivator to switching to the Saville Wave test.


– OPQ is a registered trademark of Saville & Holdsworth Limited

– Saville Wave is a registered trademark of Saville Consulting Group

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July 19, 2017

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Role Of Food Service Consultants

July 16, 2017

If you have ever received bad service in a restaurant, you know that it can be a sales killer for any restaurant business. However, if you desire to have your restaurant be among the better restaurants in town and you aspire to be the best in your niche, then, providing great service is one of the best ways to earn a strong reputation. And one person that can help you deliver great is a professional food service consultant. The professional food service consultant can advise and give you the guidance you on the proper service techniques for your concept and assist in training how to deliver great service.

Providing great service is complex and needs all departments to coordinate their training and to achieve great service. It effects each food service departments such as banqueting, catering, room service and kitchen. Good food and beverage managers learn how to organize each of these departments to achieve great service.

Providing great service in hotels is even more complicated because there are so many departments involved. Every department imaginable including housekeeping, human resources and purchasing can have an impact on service. Different types of hotels have different food service needs as well. Little wonder that providing great service is so complicated. Food service consultants are the experts who know exactly what is needed by different restaurants.

Food service consultants play an active role in recipe development. They take on a number of services like:

– Development of food products

– Compilation and preparation of recipes

– Developing new ideas for recipes

– Innovating new product range

– Product management from planning to cooking and presentation

– Analyses of the market

– Analyses of competitors

– Recipe development

– Menu development advice and planning

– Catering

– Product tasting and evaluation

– Food styling and presentation

– Food recommendations

In addition to the above, food service consultants also focus on the nutritive value of foods so that the restaurant can serve foods that appeal to a large number of customers. Food consultants can even provide food specific nutrient analysis to show the exact number of calories, protein, carbs and vitamins in particular foods. This is important as many people are becoming more health conscious. A well trained food consultant can help you modify your recipes so that they are flavorful, visually appealing and nutritious.

Along with recipe development, good food consultants also can support the training of your people.

Therefore, if your restaurant business seems to be lagging behind and you just don’t know what to do, consider contacting a professional food consultant to assist in supporting your needs. You could also depend on food and beverage consultants to produce attractive pictures and sales materials for the restaurant.

Great food and service is an integral component to your restaurant business. A restaurant with excellent food service is the foundation for popular.

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Active Inquiry in Organizational Change

July 16, 2017

An essential part of Edgar Schein’s Process Consulting practice model (discussed in-depth in my book) is the use of Active Inquiry. A guiding assumption in Active Inquiry is that an insecure client will not reveal essential facts about the organization’s situation. Without these essential facts, the Organizational Change (OC) consultant is placed in a position of guessing. The consultant is then forced to rely on the dubious practice of projecting his or her prior experiences into the client’s current situation.

There are four essential elements in Active Inquiry:

1. Build up the client’s status and confidence.

2. Gather as much information as possible.

3. Involve the client in the diagnosis.

4. Create a situation that is safe for sharing both facts and feelings.

Schein describes three levels of Active Inquiry: pure inquiry, exploratory/diagnostic inquiry, and “confrontive” inquiry. It is important for the OC consultant to use the appropriate level at particular points in the process. The type of data being sought should determine the level of inquiry.

Pure inquiry, the first level, is designed to stimulate full disclosure. The consultant is simply attempting to get the story in as factual a manner as possible. At this level, “who” and “when” questions are appropriate; “why” questions are not.

Exploratory/diagnostic inquiry, the second level, is appropriate after the whole “factual” story is recorded. The consultant now redirects the client’s focus with questions such as:

“How did you feel about that?”

“Why do you suppose he/she did that?”

“What are you going to do next?”

Exploratory/diagnostic inquiry gets the client to explore at a deeper level. At this level, feelings, hypotheses, cause and effect relationships, and forecasted actions can be discussed. This level reveals organizational and client member expectations, perceptions, and values.

“Confrontive” (not “confrontational”) inquiry, the third level, must not occur before pure inquiry or exploratory/diagnostic inquiry. At this level, the consultant interjects his/her ideas about the situation. The goal here is to move the client members from unproductive thinking to creative and critical thinking about the current situation.

Schein’s model gives the OC consultant much insight into how to approach clients in a constructive and helpful way. The other important parts of Schein’s process consulting model are discussed later in my book, “Strategic Organizational Change.”